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 Dear Esteemed Friends,

As you know, COVID-19 has taken a major toll on the world in many ways. Millions of Americans are laid off and without work. Thousands of companies are forced to close while others struggle to stay open. Honest Pest Control has been hit hard. Even though Pest Control businesses are allowed to operate and are classified as essential businesses, there is a shortness in supply for masks, gloves, and many other supplies (including some chemicals) that are essential for most of the services we provide. Some items which are unavailable come from China and have simply stopped shipping. Larger companies have stocked up early on these items which helps them stay afloat. However, being a newly started company, it is hard to make such bulk purchases beforehand making the present situation difficult. 

Many of you have been so caring and kind as to reach out to Honest Pest Control and inquire about the best way to offer support while we deal with this outbreak.  I appreciate that very much. It is always difficult for any of us to ask for help, but at this time I am forced to do so. What we need, is to continue making money during this pandemic, in order to continue to operate later on.  At this time we are asking if you can provide anything to help with supplies, required bills, equipment maintenance costs,  and personal home-life expenses since income is limited.

 If you are able to provide a donation we are extremely thankful. We know that together we can get through this hardship. 

Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected by this outbreak.


Honest Pest Control 

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After more than 10 years of services in the field of pest control, Honest Pest Control was created to help consumers find a solution in eliminating their pest needs. With programs for prevention, and maintenance programs available to monitor and prevent issues from returning. We provide excellent customer service while being flexible with availability to accommodate your needs. Give us a try, and find out what it means to be pest free. And remember,
 "Don't get Antsy, get Honest".


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With detailed inspections and maintenance programs, our team will guide you to a cleaner, and pest free home or business. When you meet with one of our knowledgable & experienced team members you will understand what it means to be a customer service professional. 

We know it can be hard to make time for services  at your property. With work, school, kids, travel expeditions etc. With our with flexibility in scheduling and state certified licensed technicians making time has never been easier. 


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Is your pest control company spending to much time returning to your house? Do they seem like they just can’t get rid of your issue? Then switch to an experienced professional! Call us today!

Special Services

Exclusion for Rodents

Exclusion for Rodents

Exclusion for Rodents


This work is done by sealing of all accessible entry points into the structure. Rodents can enter through any opening greater than (¼"). Prices for this work varies depending on the damage done.


Exclusion for Rodents

Exclusion for Rodents


We are proud to announce that we now have the County of San Francisco in our service area! Click here to see a list of our full service areas.


Exclusion for Rodents

Current Deals & Promotions


Some chemical options remain effective but require a longer period of time to fully exterminate Bed Bug infestations. We do offer bedbug treatments & information. Click here to read more.

Current Deals & Promotions

Current Deals & Promotions

Current Deals & Promotions


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Commercial Properties

Current Deals & Promotions

Commercial Properties


Servicing Commercial establishments, we offer on going maintenance programs to help your business continue to be pest free.


Current Deals & Promotions

Commercial Properties


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